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About Ghana Virtual School

Welcome to the Virtual School. GH-VirtualSC is here with an innovative approach to virtual instruction in Ghana through use of this platform. We come are eliminating difficulties professionals face in active work trying to upgrade their knowledge or in acquiring new qualifications.

In addition to providing innoative ways of learning and skill acquisition,

we bring classrooms into you home, your offices, along with you on your trips and wherever you imagine it to be with you.
You have the opportunity now to decide your learning time and space.
That notwithstanding, we demand you adhere to strick time schedules and go through all materials provided. You have practical assignments also to do. Ensure that you submit your works on time and do finally remember that, you are better of if you set your mind to be the very best in our institute. We wish you well and a pleasant learning experience. If you are here for the first time, please go ahead and complete the the New Account Registration.

Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education [ML-CECCE]

This course enables practicing and aspiring pre-school educators to gain a broad-base understanding of principles and practices of early childhood care and education. Emphasizing the core of the early childhood environment, the courses help students to professionally set-up and administer an Early Child care home. Graduates from this programme will also acquire a foundation in psychology to better understand young children’s mental processes and behaviours.